Just Breathe

Have you noticed that taking just a few deep conscious breaths intensifies your awareness? Or that a longer, deeper inhale followed by a long open-mouthed exhale  with an audible “haaaaaaa” sound is a wonderful tool for releasing tension? Taking the time to actively improve and upgrade the quality of your breath can ameliorate the health and well being of each living cell in your body. And the best part is that this tool is ALWAYS with you.

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Light on Practice

Words matter and I find it interesting that yogis call going to a yoga class or doing yoga as practicing yoga. Practice. I found the word and its associated concepts compelling enough to display first on my website and business card. It's just one short word that some of us use all the time, but it has some depths worth exploring that I'd like to share with you. So, here are 5 things I've learned about yoga as a practice:

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BOOK REVIEW: Yin Yoga by Paul Grilley

Overall, I enjoyed this book because I always find it a joy to dig through yoga books and separate the wheat from the chaff. It is a great mental exercise and helps me better discern truth from snake oil, but also suspend my judgements and try something new in an effort to grow in my practice and teachings. Grilley is a champion of slowing down and taking time in our postures and with our breathing. This we all could use more of. 

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What is Yoga?

Yoga is...

focused or meditative movement and stillness done for the purpose of bolstering one's health and humanity.  It is typically practiced in tandem with calm and focused breathing as a tool for moderating thoughts and emotional fluctuations of the mind.