What Can I Expect in a Private Yoga Lesson?

There are three steps in your private yoga lesson(s); Consultation, Practice, and Follow up. 

CONSULTATION - Private yoga lessons can be a great way to enjoy a customized experience designed with your body's strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and needs in mind. During this phase, we can discuss which yoga poses and techniques may be right for you. We'll base this on your specific medical history, a baseline joint flexibility sequence, a postural assessment, and (of course) your own wellness goals.

Common wellness goals include stress-relief, better balance, increased flexibility, postural alignment, and injury rehabilitation. 

PRACTICE - This is the work phase of our time together. We'll meet in a comfortable designated yoga space to breathe and move. I'll mostly be sitting beside you giving verbal directions, accompanied by the occasional demonstration or hands-on assistance (as needed). We'll have a number of yoga props at our disposal, such as blocks, straps, bolsters, and blankets.  These are great for finding maximum comfort and stability in each posture - making many poses more accessible and more effectively therapeutic. Our work phase will usually run for a full hour and will include portions of conscious breathing, warm-up, stretching, strengthening, balancing, and (drum roll, please) some sweet relaxation.  We may also use soft lighting, scents, and music to facilitate a more  relaxing yoga experience.



FOLLOW UP -  I'll reach out to you in about 24 hours of our lesson to see how you felt the rest of the previous day and check on how you feel then. For these yoga lessons to work right for you, it's going to require 2-way communication. We'll discuss what feels better, what may not, and we can confirm and discuss themes and goals for future lessons.