Yoga Analogies: #2 - How is Yoga like a Solar System?

There are dozens of yoga styles to try - from the gentle and rigorous to the traditional or technological - with plenty of weird and wacky to spare. But which style should you choose? Which one is best to allocate your scare time and energy towards?

Only you can decide the answer to this question, but the important thing is to start somewhere. Traditional yogis preach surrender to a singular yogic path. This is how one may see some of yoga's great schools - the tradition or guru as the sun, and the many followers as the orbiting planets. No doubt, focusing all your efforts on a particular path will allow for you to go great distances in that direction, but how can you be sure if it will ALWAYS be the right path for you?


While some yogis preach surrender to a singular yogic path, I advocate a different approach - one of consistent variety. Flip the analogy. Think of yourself as the solar system - with you as the center sun and the various yoga styles orbiting about. Variety is the spice of health and life and with open-minded, yet critical eyes - you can expose yourself to truths from many traditions, while maintaining your autonomy throughout. To find a good teacher that challenges you gently and gets you practicing more is a special gift that you can be grateful for, but don't be afraid to mix it up and try something new. 

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