"I feel very lucky to have found find a teacher like John 6 months ago when I started yoga. John’s classes are always incredibly well planned and always different. A great balance of flexibility, meditation, and relaxation. John's instruction always has great little details to get the most out of a pose by clarifying the intent of the pose and the subtle movements to maximize the effect. In the short time I've been doing yoga, I've had much less muscle pain (back and legs) from spending so much time in an office environment. What I was really surprised with was how the relaxation mindset will show up during the days stress or sometimes when I'm just out walking." ~Matt

"John is an extraordinary Yoga teacher. He's concerned with the whole person - flexibility, strength, and relaxation. A class from John is just what I need after a day of sitting at an office desk. He is personable and approachable. John will help you make many small improvements that collectively will improve your life." ~Rich H., Engineer

"Having been in John's class for several months now, I found and inner strength I never knew I had. Being a swimmer most of my life, I felt my flexibility and core strength was always there, but John's class has taught me how to keep my flexibility as I get older and how my core has strengthened in just a few months’ time. His willingness to show you how to position yourself during a pose and help you understand what each move and position does for your body has helped me developed an appreciation for the importance of yoga. John has a passion for his work and it resonates in him as a human being." ~Robert O.

"As a lifelong athlete (60 yrs.), never paying attention to stretching and diagnosed as extremely inflexible, I needed a change. The last five years of cycling have culminated with broken hips, ribs, and clavicle, and shoulder injuries resulting in a torn rotator cuff. My body has been through the wringer and participation in sports and movement in general has become painful. A beginner yoga class was recommended to open up my hips and for general flexibility. Now into my 8th week of classes with John, the transformation has been phenomenal. Not only has my flexibility progressed to a point to eliminate pain, I can swing a golf club freely with a full hip turn. My range of motion continues to improve with John's method of mindful stretching resulting in steady gains in strengthening, balance, and relaxation. John's classes are well thought out and follow a theme. Variety keeps each class fresh. I cannot say enough for how John's yoga classes have brought me back to enjoying life." ~Dave B.


"He was my trainer at Notre Dame for 6 months. He is awesome! He knows different exercises and you don’t get bored. Also, he knows your body and your needs. You will see good results (in my case it was gaining muscles) in a few sessions! He is the best trainer I have ever had!" ~Melika S. , Notre Dame Student

"I have been going to John's weekly Men's Yoga class since it began in South Bend. He provides the perfect balance of relaxation, meditation, and yoga poses. His knowledge of the practice is outstanding. Though each class has a mixture of students at various skill levels, he offers adjustments to poses depending on the level you prefer, while always being encouraging. Over the course of the last 6 months I have felt myself become more relaxed and in-tune with my body and mind in all aspects of my life, and I attribute this to my weekly yoga practice with John." ~Kevin S, Yogi in Training

"Once I started John's yoga classes, I was hooked. I found complete relaxation after each one and new flexibility! John is an excellent instructor who I recommend to anyone looking to take yoga!" ~Lynda

"I have been taking John's yoga class for 4 months now and am so pleased at the progress I have made. He is very patient and always kindly shows us the correct position to be in when we can't get it just right. His class is just the right blend of strengthening and relaxing. I can't wait till it's time for the next class." ~Carol, Baby Boomer